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FUNDRAISING & GRANT WRITING | Anderson The Fish | Business Consulting in Nashville, TN

Unlock the Power of Grants for Sustainable Revenue

In today's ever-evolving landscape of non-profit organizations and businesses, the pursuit of financial stability is an unending journey. At Anderson Fundraising & Grant Writing, we understand the pivotal role that grants play in securing the resources necessary to thrive in your mission-driven endeavors or commercial ventures. We believe that grants should not merely be viewed as occasional windfalls, but as a reliable, ongoing revenue stream that propels you towards lasting success.

In an era where innovation and impact are paramount, the importance of grants cannot be overstated. Grants have the unique ability to empower non-profits and businesses alike, offering a lifeline of financial support that fuels growth, fosters sustainability, and transforms dreams into reality. With the right strategy and expertise, grants can be the catalyst that propels your organization towards new horizons, allowing you to make a profound difference in the world.

At Anderson Fundraising & Grant Writing, we are dedicated to helping you harness the full potential of grants as a consistent source of income. Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the world of grant writing and fundraising. We work tirelessly to identify, secure, and manage grants that align with your goals, ensuring a steady flow of resources that keeps your mission thriving and your business flourishing.

Gone are the days of viewing grants as occasional financial blessings. We invite you to shift your perspective and embrace grant writing as an integral part of your long-term financial strategy. By partnering with us, you'll gain access to a powerful resource that can sustain your mission or business, enabling you to make an enduring impact on the causes you hold dear or achieve lasting success in the competitive market.


Join us at Anderson Fundraising & Grant Writing and discover how grants can become a consistent, reliable revenue stream that empowers you to reach new heights. Together, we'll transform your vision into a sustainable reality, ensuring that the resources you need are never out of reach. Your journey towards financial stability begins here – let's make it remarkable, impactful, and enduring.

FUNDRAISING & GRANT WRITING | Anderson The Fish | Business Consulting in Nashville, TN

Unlocking Success through Strategic Planning: The Key to Sustainable Growth

In the ever-changing landscape of business and nonprofit organizations, success isn't just about reacting to the present; it's about shaping the future. That's where strategic planning comes into play as an indispensable tool for achieving your goals and ensuring long-term viability.


Strategic planning is not a mere formality; it is the compass that guides your organization toward its vision. It's the blueprint that outlines the path you need to take to achieve your objectives and make your mark in the world. Here, we delve into why strategic planning is not just important but crucial for sustainable growth.

FUNDRAISING & GRANT WRITING | Anderson The Fish | Business Consulting in Nashville, TN
1. Vision Clarity:

Strategic planning forces you to define your vision, your ultimate destination. It compels you to ask fundamental questions about who you are, what you stand for, and where you want to go. With a clear vision in place, your organization gains a sense of purpose and direction, making it easier to rally your team and stakeholders around a shared goal.


2. Goal Alignment:

Without a strategic plan, it's easy to fall victim to disjointed efforts and conflicting priorities. Strategic planning ensures that everyone is on the same page, with well-defined objectives and a roadmap to achieve them. It aligns the actions of every individual within your organization toward a common purpose.


3. Adaptation and Resilience:

The business landscape is dynamic, and challenges are inevitable. A strategic plan equips you with the tools to adapt to changing circumstances, minimizing risks and capitalizing on opportunities. It's your shield against uncertainty, offering a structured approach to navigate the unpredictable.


4. Resource Optimization:

Strategic planning is about resource allocation—time, money, and talent. It helps you identify where your resources are best invested to yield the highest returns. This ensures that your organization operates efficiently and maximizes its impact.

5. Stakeholder Engagement:

Whether you're a for-profit enterprise or a nonprofit organization, engaging stakeholders is paramount. A strategic plan provides a platform for communication, involvement, and transparency. It demonstrates your commitment to your stakeholders' interests and builds trust.


6. Measurable Progress:

The beauty of a strategic plan lies in its quantifiable nature. It allows you to set key performance indicators (KPIs) and track your progress over time. This data-driven approach not only keeps you accountable but also empowers you to make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

7. Competitive Advantage:

In a world where innovation and competition are fierce, strategic planning gives you an edge. It helps you identify unique opportunities and strengths that set you apart from the crowd. With a well-executed plan, you can position yourself as a leader in your industry or sector.

FUNDRAISING & GRANT WRITING | Anderson The Fish | Business Consulting in Nashville, TN

In conclusion, strategic planning isn't just a business buzzword—it's the cornerstone of success. It's the difference between merely surviving and thriving. It's the compass that helps you navigate the ever-evolving landscape, adapt to change, and reach your destination with confidence. Embrace strategic planning as an essential process, and you'll find that it's not just important; it's the key to unlocking sustainable growth and achieving your organization's full potential.

Meet Our Grant Writers

FUNDRAISING & GRANT WRITING | Anderson The Fish | Business Consulting in Nashville, TN

Jody Stones, MEd 

Jody Lynne Stones, MEd, is a multifaceted professional with a robust background in programmatic leadership, grant development, writing, and management, epitomizing her commitment to advancing public health and healthcare. As an accomplished adjunct faculty member at Muskingum University since 2014, Jody imparts her expertise in health-related courses, fostering future healthcare leaders. During her tenure as a Community Benefit Consultant at Genesis HealthCare System from 2015 to 2022, she meticulously reviewed grant applications, documented community activities, and orchestrated a comprehensive three-year community benefit plan, aligning with IRS standards. Her previous roles as an adjunct faculty member at Zane State College and Community Health Planner at the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department further underscore her dedication to education and strategic planning. Jody's prior experience as a Lead Technical Writer at Northrop Grumman showcases her proficiency in document management and leadership. Beyond her professional roles, she is an accomplished public speaker, published poet, and adept at advanced computer skills and mentoring. Jody's unwavering commitment to leveraging her expertise for the greater good has left an indelible mark in the fields of healthcare, public health, education, and community development.


  • Over 2 million dollars awarded to the state of Virginia in federal grants written with Jody as the lead writer

  • Grant management of awarded funds including awarding contracts, evaluation, and partnerships building connected to grants

  • Experience in writing, receiving, and managing grants from the state of Ohio awarded for over $100,000 for local government and non-profit organizations 

  • Served as a panel member for the writing of the national Cardiovascular Health Plan for the CDC, lead Virginia Department of Health in writing their Cardiovascular Health Plan, lead writing a Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department (ZMCHD)’s Community Health Improvement Plan, and lead the writing of 2 cycles of the Zanesville Genesis Hospital’s Community Benefit Implementation Strategy

  • Completed a ZMCHD local community health needs assessment and Zanesville Genesis Hospital Needs Assessment for 2 cycles


Types of Clients Jody Has Worked With
  • Local behavioral health agencies

  • Disability service groups

  • Senior Center

  • Early intervention and child care programs

  • Low-income housing

  • Transportation agencies

  • Job and Family Services

  • Elderly care

  • Federal, state and local governments 

  • Hospitals and healthcare

  • Community development

  • Religious organizations including congregations and churches

Notable Clients Jody Has Worked With
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention national councils

  • Virginia and Ohio Department of Health

  • Baptist General Convention of Virginia

  • American Heart Association

  • American Cancer Society

  • Fieldhouse Foundation

  • United Street Tours

  • Virginia Department of Transportation and Agriculture

  • United Way

  • YMCA

FUNDRAISING & GRANT WRITING | Anderson The Fish | Business Consulting in Nashville, TN

Robin Cabral, MA, CFRE, MFIA

Robin L. Cabral is a Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) with millions of dollars raised, and over twenty-five years’ experience assisting non-profit organizations as a development professional.  She has overseen all aspects of fund development, from annual funds to capital campaigns, to donor communications.  Her impressive non-profit career includes positions as Director of Development and Marketing throughout the Northeast United States, including her role as a regional and worldwide Director of Development.

Educationally, Robin has obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and a Master of Arts in Philanthropy and Fund Development from Saint Mary’s of Minnesota, USA.  She has held the designation of Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) since 2008 and is a graduate of Leadership Southcoast (2010).

Robin is an active member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and adheres to the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice.  She was on the board of AFP-RI (Rhode Island) and was a recent AFP-RI Conference Planning Committee Co-Chair.

Robin is also an AFP Master Faculty Trainer and has served on the AFP International Education and Training Committee.  She has been part of the National Catholic Development Conference Planning Committee and the Professional Development Committee, and has been a conference presenter, workshop leader, roundtable leader, moderator, and facilitator.  Robin is also a Member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia (MFIA) and adheres to its Code of Conduct.

Robin has sat on numerous boards and committees of organizations, including her role as past-president of her local Rotary Club, as well as other professional associations.

She has been named one of the Top 10 LinkedIn Top Voices 2018: Philanthropy and Global Development and one of the Top 100 Charity Influencers by Onalytica (2019).

Types of Clients Robin Has Worked With
  • Small parks and trail systems

  • Health and human service agencies including behavioral health

  • ESL and literacy programs

  • Group residential homes and disability service groups

  • Women’s organizations

  • Historical associations

  • Early intervention and childcare programs

  • Music and choir schools

  • Retirement and low-income senior housing

  • Elderly care

  • Veterans groups and

  • Religious organizations including congregations and churches

Notable Clients Robin Has Worked With
  • Manny Pacquiao Foundation

  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

  • United Way

  • YMCA

What Clients Have Said About Robin​

"Thank you for everything you have done for Taylor. Getting Taylor Community on the path for development was huge!  And not easy."

"Robin, in only 7 months, has managed to not only get our very uneducated board on a more professional track but also increased our revenue 200%! "

"We have had a great response to our campaign.  I did some face-to-face that resulted in a $15,000 gift, and we are presently at $105,350 on our $102,000 goal."

"Your professionalism and wisdom were a plus for the PEARSON Foundation!
All the best!"

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