We are business developers; 

helping people start & improve businesses

We do this in two ways:

Consulting & Project Management





3D Printing & Molds


Ad Management (Online & Print)

App Development

Blog Writing / Management

Book Illustration


Citation Management


Credit Card Processing, Including POS (Point-Of-Sale) Systems

Customer Financing (enabling your business to offer customers financing)

Grant Writing

Graphic Design (Digital & Print)

Email Marketing

Excel (Spreadsheet Creation)

Exposition Design

Financial Advising

Financing (Investments/Loans for Your Business)

IT (Information Technology)

Legal Work

Logo Design


Package Design



Podcast Recording & Podcast Marketing

Reporting / Analytics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Social Media Management

Software Engineering

Trademark, Copyright, & Patent Work

Videography (Including Live Video & Drone Footage)

Voice Overs
Web Design



We believe that a community is positively developed through the work of strong, indigenous leaders & we desire to support such leaders.


We exist to empower local business, nonprofit, and individual leaders to impact their communities in a sustainable, positive way.


We aspire to equip, motivate, and unite the business and broader community by providing clients with consultation, project management, and connection with helpful resources.



Why do we help people start businesses?

We believe that the key to empowerment is education. As a society, we must pour our knowledge into others and choose to collaborate and not compete.


We also believe that healthy communities are not dependent on one industry for its strength, but instead, interdependent among many businesses of various industries. Just as good investors teach to diversify investments, we must do the same with how we rely on one another.


Economic instability is often due to our lack of self-reliance and our ultimate dependability on corrupt, external forces outside of our control. Teaching people to start their own businesses brings power back to the individual, the family, the home.

Businesses have, for too long, divided families (i.e. the "bread-winner" leaves for work to provide, and then once the kids are old enough, they leave the home to work as well). By bringing business back into the home, we are keeping families together, giving them one common goal to work towards, and creating a platform for the older to teach the younger.



Many entrepreneurs have the ability and desire to do some or many tasks themselves. That's why we have made ourselves available to teach you anything and everything we know!


We have an incredibly skilled team that is ready to help! We truly want the best for our clients, as we trust our clients want the same for us! We're not looking for merely a business relationship, but also a friendship.

It all starts with a conversation. Before we begin the work, we talk, talk, and talk some more. Clear and consistent communication is foundational for a strong business. We advise but do not control. We encourage but do not charm. We do our very best to make sure you know your options and help lead you toward making phenomenal decisions.


How do we accomplish this?

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.

Teach a man to fish and he will eat forever.

Better yet, teach a man to teach others how to fish & the world will never know hunger.

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