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Let’s Take Your Business to Greater Heights

Get the Help You Need to Build a Successful Business

Do you remember the surge of inspiration and motivation you experienced at the start of your entrepreneurial journey? Do you still have that same feeling, today? 


Oftentimes, somewhere down the road, business owners get caught up in the daily humdrum of running a business. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to bring back that energy? Are you eager to hit the vision board again and turn your dreams into reality?


We take a unique approach to problem-solving--we see problems as holistic and therefore needing holistic solutions. 

With our unique consulting method, we'll help you see your business with a fresh perspective, and equip you (and your team) with skills to lead your business in the way you've always wanted to. 

We are here to help.

A Holistic Approach to Business Development

We're not your average consulting firm. We don't bring a single expert to the table and try to make you believe they are the answer to all your problems. Instead, we bring several experts to the table, and all work together, with you, to discover as many answers as possible.

Seldom is there one answer that solves all your problems. In most cases, you need several diverse expert opinions in order to, not only solve the problem but to truly understand the problem...which just so happens to be the best way to discover a solution.

Albert Einstein once said, "If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.” Our approach is that of Einstein's...we don't assume to have the answers just because we've perhaps solved a similar problem. Instead, we take the approach of a student, sometimes even a child, by being curious and asking the most rudimentary questions, over and over again, until we understand the problem in its simplest form.

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Another great Einstein quote: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." By understanding the problem(s) in their deepest yet simplest form, we can then discover simple solutions with a profound impact.

Our team of consultants brings their own unique perspectives, experiences, education, passions, and expertise to the table. Then, we collaboratively strive towards a common goal--helping you, our client, feel empowered to understand your business in a new way and make incredible decisions for the day-to-day and the future ahead.

Our team is made up of:

  • General Business Consultants

  • Lean Consultants

  • Sustainability Consultants

  • HR Consultants

  • IT Consultants

  • Business Coaches

  • Financial Consultants

  • Branding Consultants

  • Marketing Consultants

Four Key Elements of Every Successful Business

At Anderson The Fish, we strive to transform the way you prioritize and perceive your business. And that starts with a thorough understanding of the four essential elements that every company should focus on.

1. Product/Service

Your product/service is what’s going to attract paying customers and generate revenue for your business. You can develop a great product/service and generate demand for it. Or you can identify specific consumer demands and develop suitable products/services.


Building an outstanding product/service requires you to devote adequate resources and time to research and development, quality control, customer feedback, and more.


2. Process

“Process” is an umbrella term for all the back-end operations that go into creating an excellent product or delivering top-notch services. It includes everything, from internal communication to IT management. Unfortunately, many novice business owners overlook this element and consequently, struggle to drive conversions and sales.


3. Presentation

Presentation is all about how you showcase your business to potential customers. It covers various aspects, from website design and brand to employee uniforms and signage. Your company culture, i.e., how your employees interact with each other and with customers, is also an integral part of your business’s presentation.


4. Marketing

Marketing involves identifying and highlighting the best aspects of your product/service, process, and presentation. The reason many marketing campaigns fail or don’t deliver the desired results is that business owners and marketers don’t have a firm grasp of the other three elements.

But That’s Not All…

There’s one more element that is as crucial as a company’s product/service, process, presentation, and marketing. It’s the business owner’s physical and emotional health.


Healthy entrepreneurs build thriving businesses. Your personality and character traits directly impact your company’s culture and performance. It highlights the importance of prioritizing your well-being, both emotional and physical, to build your business.


Looking to build a rock-solid foundation for your company?

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How We Can Help

Have you noticed how some business owners seem to have “a guy” for every need, be it bookkeeping or marketing? Do you wish you had access to such a resource?


We are that GUY!


At Anderson The Fish, we want to be more than your average business consulting services provider. We take pride in being an all-in-one destination for all your business needs, from accounting, grant writing, and executive assistance to marketing and media planning.


Our network of world-class freelancers, independent contractors, and third-party agencies is equipped to handle complex tasks. That means you don’t have to get caught up in the day-to-day execution of routine business operations.


Instead, you can devote your energy and time to the vision that drove you to start your business in the first place. And that, in turn, will steer your business on the path to exponential success.


If you’re looking for a business strategy consultant who will walk by your side through the intricacies of running and growing your business, you’ve come to the right place.

What Sets Us Apart

“Your business is not our client. You are.”

This mantra has helped shape our perspective regarding customer relations. We take the time to talk to you and understand your aspirations and struggles. And once we get to know you better, we help you navigate every challenge of running your business, be it logistical, strategic, or emotional.


Also, unlike regular business consultants, we provide you with a single point of contact. While we might have multiple consultants and agencies collaborating for your business, a dedicated project manager serves as the bridge between you and them. That saves you from the hassle of coordinating with different professionals to get the job done.


If you’re looking for a business consultant who will handle the groundwork so that you have more time to focus on your dreams and goals, we’re here for you.

The word 'consult' simply means to give advice. We go beyond that. We don't simply give advice and then dip out. Instead, we walk side-by-side with you, working to empower you (and your team) to be the leader you always wanted to be and to run the business you always envisioned. We're looking for a long-term relationship so we can work together for many years to come. We'd be honored to be a part of your journey.

Our Unique Approach to Problem Solving

One of the biggest problems with the way many people solve problems, is they spend too much time assuming. Assumptions can lead your business down a wasteful path. So much time, energy, and resources can be conserved by taking some extra time to explore what the problem really is. 

Let's say your business hands out employee-satisfaction surveys. You get the results and see that the majority of your employees are dissatisfied with the work they do. It would be easy to assume that what would help them, is if they simply were placed in a different position. When in fact, it's possible that it's not the work itself they don't enjoy, but the environment they are working in. Do your employees feel depressed at your business? Perhaps, you need to install more windows for natural light, play uplifting music, and give the place a fresh coat of paint. Before you go spending thousands (or millions) of dollars on what would be easy to assume is an HR problem, consider what you're dealing with is more of an environmental or psychological problem. 


Another example would be a taxi company whose customers are dissatisfied and grow impatient with the length of their car ride. Instead of assuming that the solution would be making the car ride shorter, explore the possibility that the customer isn't dissatisfied because they just want to get to their destination sooner, but instead, they want the ride to be more enjoyable. So, instead of investing in better technology to help optimize the drivers' routes (although this is still a good thing to do), consider empowering your drivers to make their cars an enjoyable experience. Could they perhaps provide complimentary beverages, give the customer control of the music, offer noise-canceling headphones, etc? If the ride is an experience the customer actually enjoys and isn't simply seen as something utilitarian, could they even wish the ride lasted longer? Wouldn't this make people love your business more and even make you more money?

When you run into a problem, don't assume you really understand what the problem is. Ask yourself, could it be that this problem is actually a ___________ (fill in the blank) problem? Could it be that this is multiple problems happening simultaneously? We of course want to understand the root which is good, but we also need to see the big picture. So, ask yourself, is what we're experiencing one (or several) of these problems?:

  • Social problems

  • Environmental problems

  • Policy/government problems

  • Mechanical problems

  • Financial problems

  • Efficiency problems

  • Technological problems

  • Psychological problems

  • Communication problems

  • Economic problems

  • Logistical problems

  • HR problems

  • Scheduling problems

  • Aesthetic problems

Is what you assume to be a financial problem actually a communication problem? Is what you assume to be a logistical problem actually an economic and government issue that's impacting your business? By understanding problems in the many forms they come, we can find better solutions.

When determining the best course of action, instead of seeking one solution, it's better to ask, what are all the ways we could solve this problem? This opens our minds to broader possibilities. When we relieve ourselves of finding the one solution, we free ourselves of being the savior. Instead of reducing everything down to one thing, let's see the situation for what it truly is--holistic problems in need of holistic solutions. 

Consulting Services

Sustainability Consulting

Also known as Energy Consulting, a Sustainability Consultant is someone who advises a company (or organization) on methods of input and output (consumption and production) in more sustainable ways.

Sustainability efforts don't begin with good PR, or cutting-edge solar panels, but instead with a desire...a desire to not only save money on energy and lean but to create a brighter future for our children. We don't necessarily want them to have a cushy life, but we do want them to have an enjoyable one. Generational wealth shouldn't only be measured by money, but also by health, friends, joy, purpose, time, and family. What we do today will impact many for generations to come. Let's set up our children for success.

Sustainability is a bit of a buzzword today and had been highly politicized. However, the idea of sustainability is, I'm sure, something we can all agree is something worth pursuing. The best sustainable efforts are ones that benefit everything, not just one thing. It should positively impact our financial bottom line, our environment (physically and socially), and our employees' health. When we think of sustainability, we should think of several things, including, energy, people, the environment, and money.

All of our consulting services begin with many questions, as our goal, first, is to analyze until we're confident we understand what your business's purpose is, what problems you face, and what direction you want to head.

Here are some examples of questions we ask:

  • Cradle

    • Are your products cradle-to-cradle, cradle-to-grave, or cradle-to-gate?

      • Cradle to cradle: this is when your product leaves your facility and has no negative impact on the outside world.​

      • Cradle to grave: this is when your product leaves your facility and the lean from that product has a negative impact.

      • Cradle-to-gate: this is when your product leaves your facility and your hands are off what happens next.

  • Lean

    • What can be done with your lean?​

      • Can it be recycled?​

      • Can it be repurposed?

      • Can it be sold?

      • What are more responsible ways of disposing of it?

  • Energy (electricity and gas)

    • What energy are you currently consuming and how can we use your already-existing systems to recycle the energy?​

    • Can solar panels be installed?

    • If motion lights are installed, will this cust your energy consumption down?

    • Can you generate more energy and then sell it?

  • Water runoff

    • Where is the water running? Can it be retained and used for things like toilets?​

  • Carbon footprint and greenhouse gases​​​

    • What can be done to limit emissions?​

  • People

    • How does the natural light affect the health, morale, and productivity of your team? Can more be let in?​

    • Can the landscape provide more oxygen and be more aesthetically pleasing, creating a more enjoyable environment for both your customers and your team?

Ideally, while we analyze all of these things, we won't only come up with ideas that help the environment but also help your bottom line.


Your company needs energy to run. That energy costs a lot of money. We can help you eliminate the need for certain energy, use less energy, recycle energy, use a different type of energy, or generate energy in a different way, all to save you time and money.

Your company needs a lot of people in order for it to run smoothly. We can help increase your team's productivity by creating a healthy environment for them to thrive.


Your company needs to be responsible for how it utilizes non-renewable (and renewable) resources. We can help you do this in a way that positively impacts generations to come and saves you money (or even makes you money) in the long run.

One great thing to note is that for many 'green initiatives,' there are government grants available. To learn more about grants, visit our Fundraising & Grant Writing service.

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