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Through candid conversation, together, we will determine if your business would benefit most from an hourly rate, flat-rate project fee, monthly fee, or management fee.

Ok, that sounded super vague, right? If you feel frustrated, we understand. You're probably used to very clear and concise cookie-cutter pricing. Here's the thing, that kind of pricing doesn't fit our business model. The services we offer are so vast and the scope of each project varies significantly. Why? Because every business is different! This means that custom pricing is the only way to go.

Your business is unique and it has unique needs. And since we can't/won't put your business in a box, we don't offer cookie-cutter prices.

Generally speaking, though, here are some ballpark prices you can expect for each service:

Ad Management

35% management fee of ad-spend

Email Marketing

$80 - $100/email campaign


$200 - $500/hr

Website Design / Development

$1,800 - $10,000
$150 - $650/month
$125 - $200/h

Bookkeeping & Payroll

$65 - $95/hr

Graphic Design & Logo Design & Package Design

$75 - $125/hr

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

$300 - $4,000/month


$250 - $800/hr

IT Services



$150 - $500/hr for shooting time & $75 - $150/hr for editing time

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