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A New Way to Process Payments (0% Fees)

Our world runs on electronic transactions and it's our belief that in order to cater to customers, businesses need to accept all forms of currency, including credit cards. This is a necessary evil.


Quite frankly, we hate credit cards, the credit card industry, and yes, even credit card processing. Credit card brands raise their rates frequently, which leaves you, the business owner, footing the bill for your customers. Something just doesn't add up.

We've come up with a better solution. It's called Edge and it completely eliminates your processing fees. Yes, 0% in processing fees! The way we do this is by simply passing the fee onto your customer (Don't worry, it's becoming industry standard so customers are open to it, as most people are aware of the burden the credit card companies put on business owners. We provide signage that tells the customers what fee they should expect and their receipt is transparent, displaying the exact amount they paid in fees).

What do you say, are you up for a credit card processing solution that actually solves the problem?

Contact us today and we'll get you set up!

Paying Customer
At the Cash Register

What Makes Anderson Payment Processing Unique?

We are sales reps for several credit card processors, which means that we can offer you a very wide variety of products.

We carry the following types of products:

  • Online processor gateways like


    • USA ePay

    • NMI

  • Desktop terminals like

    • Verifone

    • Hypercom

    • Ingenico

    • DejaVoo

  • POS Systems like

    • GrowthZilla

    • HotSauce

    • PayAnywhere

    • Paradise POS

    • Vend

    • retailcloud

    • Micros

    • Salido

  • Donation Platforms like

    • applova​

    • GiveHub

What Are the Rates?

It varies, but know this: we are always transparent. Our Merchant Agreements are simple and straightforward, and our reports accessible and easy to use. 

We offer a flat rate option that allows you to anticipate exactly what your fee will be for every transaction.

We even offer a 0% processing program called Edge (as mentioned at the top of this page)!

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