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All your business' data in one place

Elias is a database software that aggregates information from multiple analytic and tracking platforms into one user-dashboard. By changing your perspective of data, your understanding of it is enhanced.

With the comprehensive analysis of data, we can create stronger projections and be more proactive.



Elias auto-detects correlations in all of your data. Your business has an enormous amount of data. We organize it all, and then show you where correlations exist.

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The problem

There's just too much data to analyze and each analytic platform you're using has its own language, logic, and layout which makes cross-analyzing all of those platforms nearly impossible (unless you're exporting the data manually, and sorting it all in a spreadsheet, which as you may already know, takes a lot of time and energy that could be better spent somewhere else in your business).

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The solution

Elias takes all of your business's data and puts it into one user-friendly dashboard. This allows you to finally see ALL of your business' data at ONE time. This helps you understand data in a new way. Instead of feeling like you're looking at your data through a magnifine glass, you'll finally have the bird's-eye-view you need to have in order to correctly lead and vision-cast.


You already know how to make well-informed decisions. Now, with more information that is easy to understand, you'll be able to make even better ones.

The opportunity

By auto-detecting correlations in your business, Elias shows you how each and every part of your business interacts.

For example, do you know whether or not the dollars you spend in marketing actually correlate to sales? What about if there is a correlation between Facebook follows and sales? Is there a correlation between the number of emails your customer service team sends/receives and the rating of user-experience?


Elias makes understanding the correlations in your business easy!

The bonus

Analytic platforms such as Google My Business Insights don't store your data forever, but with Elias, we'll be sure to create a database of data storage, so you can see all of your business' data for all time. 

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