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You're ready to expand your business, but need more employees to help. This is where we come in. We will run ads for you and help you collect as many qualified applications as possible. 


Here's How


We'll create a page on your website that contains an application for prospective employees to fill out.


We'll run ads on Facebook, Indeed, Google, Craigslist, etc, as well as post printed flyers around your town, and post on Facebook job groups; all leading to the application page on your website.


You get to sift through the applications to find the best fit for your business.




We charge a 35% management fee. Meaning, if your ad spend is $1,000 (what goes to Google, Facebook, etc), what you will owe us is $350 for setting up, analyzing, optimizing, and modifying the ads.


For Craigslist, we charge $15/post and then $2/re-post.

Job Board Posting

We charge $20/hour to scour the internet and post on classifieds, Facebook job groups, etc.

Printed Flyer Design

We charge $75/hour for graphic design.

Flyer Hanging

We typically charge $13/location that we hang a flyer in.

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