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Looking for a job in Nashville?

Submit one application and get offers from multiple businesses!

We connect people who are on the search for a great job with companies on the search for great employees.

Apply below and we'll present your application to employers.

There's a problem (and you're the solution)!  Businesses are having a difficult time finding the right employees.  This is a unique opportunity for you (the candidate) to get your application in front of many businesses interested in hiring you.  Take advantage of this and get offers from the right employer.

Oh, and it's free!



(it's super simple)

Submit one application and get offers from multiple businesses! When you (the candidate) fill out the job application, we (Anderson The Fish) review it, and then send it to clients (businesses in your respective industry) we believe will be interested in hiring you. If the client likes what they see, they request your contact information from us (and pay us). Once they receive your contact information, you should expect to receive phone calls and/or emails from the businesses interested in you. From there, it's between you and them to determine if you're a great fit for each other.

Is it free?​

To you (the candidate), yes. To the business, no. We charge businesses to view your contact information. This means we don't take a percentage of your pay, and we don't withhold any money from your paycheck, etc!

Is it easy and fast?

Yes, the application should take up to 10 minutes to fill out (it's a simple one-page application, no gimmicks).

Do we sell your information?

Yes, so please, only complete the application if you're comfortable with that. But don't worry, we don't sell it to advertising companies, we only sell it to companies we believe will be interested in hiring you.

Are we guaranteeing you a job?

No, but we will do our best to get your application in front of as many relevant businesses as possible.

Are we an employment agency?

We aren't. We do not conduct interviews, facilitate employee training, hire or manage employees, nor do we offer HR services to individuals or businesses. We only sell applications to businesses.

Why are we doing this?

We have many clients who were experiencing a similar issue--they couldn't find employees! We developed this Job-Finder Services to help our already existing clients, as well as gain new ones. We're excited that this could help improve the employment rate in our area as well, but most importantly, connect great people with great companies! Everyone wins!

Who is Anderson The Fish?

We are a business development agency that offers our clients many services, ranging from media and marketing-related services, to legal consulting, bookkeeping services, and much more. Learn more about us.



Submit one application and get offers from multiple businesses!

Contact Information


Be sure to include the names of companies you worked for, how long you worked for them, and what you did for them.

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Character & Work Ethic

Are you a hard worker?
Are you honest?
Are you professional?
Do you show up to work on time?

Almost done!

Thanks for completing your application! We'll do our best to get it in front of businesses!

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