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Smart Audio/Video Installation & Setup Contractor 

Scope of Work: 

  1. Managing and executing a prewire for any low voltage wiring

  2. Terminating ends of low voltage wiring (i.e. CAT6, RG6, 16:4 and 16:2 speaker wire, 22:2 and 22:4 security wire, etc.)

  3. Installing TV’s (including installing the wall hanging), speakers (in-wall, in-ceiling, surround sound setup, etc.), and security sensors (i.e. Smoke detectors, glass-break sensors, etc.), projectors, routers, smart doorbells (primarily the nest brand), and Security cameras (primarily the Nest brand)  

    1. Primary speaker brand that I work with is Sonos, but I am not limited to that. 

  4. Install everything to a media cart or some form of Home Run. 

  5. Basic setup for Apple TV’s, subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu, and soundbars 

Video Editor

As a video editor, I am limited to just that. I don’t often take my own footage, however, if given equipment, I will be able to get decent footage. Most of the videos I have created are used as micro-advertisements and medium length advertisements. I also have a little bit of experience in photography, mainly in the role of being on Hopewell farms and capturing good moments for their Instagram. 

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