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  • Emma Anderson

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facebook's Creator Studio

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facebook's Creator Studio

Facebook serves as a wonderful tool for reaching new clients, informing old ones of new products, networking, and more. Facebook's Creator Studio makes it even easier to utilize all the ways in which social media can help businesses. It offers a wide variety of features and has impressive reporting capabilities, making it easy to monitor page growth at a glance. While the software is targeted at entities that use social media as their primary means of profit, it provides services which any business with a Facebook page could benefit from.

1. Multi-page support

The most important facet of the Creator Studio is its multi-page support. For businesses that manage multiple Facebook pages and/or Instagram accounts, the studio is a central hub. Using it, you can view analytics, posts, and videos for as many of your pages as you want without switching between them.

2. Instagram integration

Until the most recent Facebook Creator Studio update, there were no free, reliable methods of posting and reporting for Instagram from a PC – Instagram only supported mobile devices. Now, both your weekly activity and audience analytics and your entire content library can be viewed from your computer!

Additionally, this update includes the ability to publish posts from your computer as well as schedule post publication in advance. Any posts or videos (including livestreams) that you have shared on Facebook can also be published on Instagram directly from the Creator Studio.

Snapshot of Creator Studio
The bar at the top of the screen allows users to easily switch between Instagram and Facebook while the drop-down menu allows users to select which pages they want to see information for.

3. Advanced video content management and editing

The Creator Studio is a one-stop shop for your video management needs. Not only does the studio provide some basic video editing tools, but it also allows you to monitor your copyright and monetization data.

4. Video analytics

Facebook’s insights already provided data for the performance of your videos and the loyalty and demographics of your audience. Creator Studio now provides graphs for this data as well as information on what you earned from your videos.

5. Search for posts

The studio also allows users to do a keyword search in order to locate a specific post without scrolling through months of content.

Creator Studio is a wonderful tool that cuts down the amount of time spent on posting content and reporting results. In order to discover all the ways in which it can help your business, go to your Facebook page, publishing tools, and click on “Creator Studio” from the left-hand menu. Alternatively, click here and start exploring it right now!


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