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  • Joel Widman

Aerostar: Brand Identity

When Steve Frates (owner of Aerostar, a metal finishing company in Huntsville, Alabama) reached out to me, he was ready for change. Steve had just bought the business and was ready to flip it on its head, giving it a total revamp. New internal systems, improving working conditions, creating better by one, these were being checked off Steve's to-do list for his latest investment. Next up; a new website, and brand identity.

We spent a good amount of time brainstorming with Steve, hearing his heart for his team, vision for the business, and desire for excellence. Communicating with him was easy (and still is to this day), and selfishly, one of our favorite perks of working with Steve is that he lets us be creative.

From the very beginning, Steve made it clear that he was relying on us to make something professional and memorable. With Steve's trust in hand, we were able to open our minds to new possibilities. We soon explained to him that we wanted to make a logo that his team would be excited to wear. Our goal as designers is to present something that sparks conversation, and Steve was kind enough to explain the results his rebrand had created.

Immediately following the release of Steve's new brand identity for Aerostar, people were stopping him as he walked, asking him where he got his shirt and hat. They loved the brand, and we couldn't have been more excited! The logo we created for a metal finishing company was becoming something strangers sought after, just because they thought it looked cool.

So, in honor of our amazing relationship with Steve Frates at Aerostar, we present to you a few snippets from his new brand identity:

The Slogan

Manufacturing and metal finishing are bold industries, so we decided to make a bold statement.

The Logo

A simple mark, including an "A" and a star. And being that Aerostar's slogan is "America's Metal Finishing Company", we thought it fitting to keep the colors patriotic! The typeface reminded us of aerospace organizations and companies (NASA, SpaceX, etc), which is fitting as Aerostar serves many clients in that industry.

The Color Palette

The Business Cards

The Apparel

A Magazine Ad

The Photos (in the shop)

More Photos (the parts)

The Website (

Our business relationship with Steve continues to develop. From getting him connected with a great IT company, to completing more photography, and exploring more marketing opportunities, we've enjoyed every step of the way.

We at Anderson The Fish hope you enjoyed this post! If you liked it, please share. And if you just so happen to be a manufacturer on the search for a great metal finishing company, give Aerostar a call!



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