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  • Joel Widman

Logos 101: What Makes a Good Logo

Do I need a logo for my business?

It would be unfair for us to make the blanket statement that all businesses need a logo. Every business is unique, just as every person is unique. We know of successful businesses that don't have logos. Do we recommend having one? Yes, we think it would be great if each business had one, but the truth is, some micro-businesses operate without them and do just fine.

I would strongly urge you that if you're a home-run micro-business, and you're teaching guitar lessons, to not get a logo just yet. You may be doing it full time, but honestly, your face should be your logo. Seriously, think of your face as your logo.

A logo becomes necessary once you've spent the proper amount of time proving the concept of your business. Your service/product needs to be honed in on and your customers need to be demanding growth from you. A logo is especially necessary if your business makes up more people than just yourself. If that's you, keep reading.

What is a logo?

A logo is simply a symbol representing your business. Take for example, a country's flag; it depicts the culture of a nation, by utilizing colors and symbols, just like a logo represents the culture, history, and goals of your business.

5 rules for good logo design

Our philosophy on logos is to keep it simple. Take for instance some of the most well known brands like Nike, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Google, Apple, etc. They all have a few things in common:

1. Good logos are timeless.

This means it will look good forever. The way to determine this is to ask oneself "Does this logo look good now? Would this logo have looked good 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago?" If you can answer yes to all of those questions, then you most likely have a timeless logo. If it would have looked good during all of those periods of the past, it will most likely look good through every period of the future. After all, history DOES repeat itself.

2. Good logos are simple.

When creating a logo, less is more. The simpler, the better, and If your logo is complicated, people won't be able to remember it. If the average 3rd grader can't draw your logo, it's probably too complex.

3. Good logos look great in full color and all black.

There are some instances when your logo can only be displayed in all black. Make sure it looks amazing in both full-color and in all black.

4. Good logos can be placed on anything and still look good.

Your logo will be put to the test whenever you get it printed. Embroidery companies attest to the difficulty of making a complicated logo look good. Keep their job simple (and yours as well), by making sure it can be placed on anything tangible (paper, apparel, hats, etc) and intangible (digital media, social media announcements, website, email signatures, etc).

5. Good logos are scalable.

Take a look at the tabs you have open in your internet you see those little icons, displaying each website's logo? That's called a Favicon. It's important that your logo looks good when it's as small as a favicon. Your logo should look amazing, whether it's the size of a thumbnail or the size of a billboard. 6. Good logos are unique. Don't create a redundant logo, otherwise, you'll just blend in with the crowd. Be cognizant of the colors and themes your industry often uses and utilize similar color schemes and design concepts as your competition. This can be a good way of informing your customers that you're a part of that niche industry and you're on par with your competition, but it can also communicate that you're just like them. Make sure your logo is true to your industry but stands out among your peers.

7. Good logos are memorable.

Create something that won't just impress your customers, but will also stick with them. Complexity can impress people, but if they can't use words to easily describe what your logo is, they most likely won't remember it.


Where can I get a logo designed?

You can design it yourself. If you like the thought of taking the time to come up with a mark for your business, then go for it! You, as the owner, should be as involved as you want to be, and there are great tools out there to help you create exactly what you're looking for. Keep in mind though that you might not be an expert in logo design, therefore, hiring an individual or business that is will ensure your business' logo is not just something you like, but something your customers will enjoy as well!

​Here are some links to great tools for helping you create your own logo:

This is a fantastic program for designing logos!

​Believe it or not, this simple program is great for building very basic logos and misc. graphics.

In need of free icons and graphics? Check out these links.

Want us to design a logo for you? We'd LOVE to make it happen! Take a look at some of our work:

Contact us, today!


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