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Why Start a Business? | (Part 2) Team Building

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As I mentioned in the blog previous to this (Why Start A Business, Part 2), there are many benefits to owning a family-run business. In addition to the many great perks I mentioned prior, I'd like to add some more.

Have you ever noticed that the close-knit families are the ones that have one common goal in mind? People, in general, get along a whole lot better when they're pursuing the same thing...TOGETHER.

I grew up playing soccer on a travel team. Some of my teammates and I didn't really have all that much in common, yet we were all very close. The reason why is because we all had one goal in mind (pun intended). We all wanted to be the best team out there. We wanted to score, we wanted to win the championship. We pushed each other to our limits on the field, in practice or in a game, all because we knew we needed one another to accomplish the mission at hand.

Can you think about a time in your life when you bonded with a group of people? I'd venture to make the claim that it's probably because you had one goal in mind.

So, one great benefit to a family-run micro-business is that it will bring you all closer. Will there be disagreements? Yes. Will there be hardships and confusion along the way? Most likely. But learning how to sort through these difficult matters of life, with your family, has got to be one of the most rewarding experiences.

My mom is a highly involved woman in my home town. My dad, sister, and I were all constantly trailing behind her to countless events that she was either running or volunteering for. Although, at times, I'm sure I didn't always appreciate it, these experiences brought our whole family together. We continually had to work as a team in order to accomplish what was expected.

Isn't this the way life is? Isn't team work a necessary part of our daily lives? Unfortunately, our "American Dream" lives are often spent in "independence", which I believe to be isolation. Is this okay? Are we really going to settle for this? Why is teamwork necessary in the work place, but not in our homes?

Let's bring teamwork back into the family!


Does your family have anything to strive toward together?

Maybe consider starting a micro-business. I in no way think that business is the end-all-be-all. I don't believe it will solve all of our problems. But I definitely believe that it is a great opportunity that is being strongly under-utilized in our homes. I understand that starting a family business is not the only way to create teamwork amongst family members, however I strongly believe that it serves many purposes, family bonding being just one. If you choose to create teamwork and camaraderie amongst your family in a different way, I applaud you!

Another point before I close...

If you're a parent, think about the strengths of your children. Does one of them love art? Maybe another loves numbers. I bet you've got at least one kid who can't sit still and has to be doing hands-on activities. Right there, you've got your graphic designer, accountant, and manufacturer. Give your children an applicable and tangible outlet for their gifts. I guarantee it will not only bring your family together, but will also help them excel in what they do best. This will boost their confidence and sense of self-worth. I bet it will make them better in school as well. Think about it...wouldn't learning from books be a lot more motivating, if you knew you could go home after school and immediately apply what you've learned to your family's business?

Give it a shot! What's the worst thing that could happen? I suppose you could lose some money. But is losing some money worth the exchange of gaining a stronger relationship with your spouse and kids?

Food for thought.


Anderson The Fish | Business Development | Business Consultation

Joel Widman


Anderson The Fish

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