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  • Joel Widman

The Strongest Economy | It's at Our Fingertips

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There's much debate today about what we should do in order to become stronger as a nation. Most people contributing to this discussion would agree that an economy's health is determined by the strength of the nation's currency.

The debate isn't hinged on whether the US should be making tons of money or not, rather the debate is about how the US can get more money.

This is where I believe we have gone wrong.

We are measuring the health of the economy by the wealth of the economy, when we should be measuring it by something else entirely.

Let me paint a picture for you...

Picture a remote village in the amazon jungle. Picture no running water, no electricity, no modern technology, etc. Many would look at this village and think that they are economically weak because they have no form of currency, and if they did have a form of currency, it could not compare in value to the US dollar.

However, let's pretend that this village contains generally happy people, with good health, and strong relationships. Let's pretend that they are self-sustained by the gifts and provisions each person has to offer their community. This, in my opinion, is a STRONG economy.

So, what is a strong economy? Is it a made up of communities with large manufacturing plants, corporate offices, and skyscrapers? Or is it made up of a group of people, happy to live a simple life, and contribute to one another's needs?

What are communities made up of? Are they made up of money or are they made up of people? A strong dollar doesn't necessarily mean a strong economy. Strong people, however, do.

Look at some of the richest places in the world. Are the people there generally happy? Do they have strong relationships? Are their families united or divided?

The answer, my friends, to a strong economy is not more money, but more love.

Love your neighbor. It's the best way to strengthen a weak economy.

If your nation is the wealthiest in the world, yet your people are suffering mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and relationally, is your nation truly strong?

Does money exist? Yes. Is it important? Yes. But it doesn't need to be the focal point of our existence. A wise friend of mine once told me, "Joel, money can never be the end goal." (Rob Nesteroff). If money is the end goal, then we are putting money over people. If we value the dollar more than we value a life, our economy will surely fail. Because, again, our nation is made up of people, not money.

Strong individuals = strong communities and economies.

Systems, laws, money, and regulations can strengthen a community. But what will strengthen a people more is when each individual decides to do all that is in their power to empower others through genuine, organic, and caring love. This will make a community strong, socially, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and yes, even monetarily.

Money is not the purpose, people are.


Anderson The Fish | Business Development | Business Consultation

Joel Widman


Anderson The Fish

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