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  • Joel Widman

Your Goals Might Suck

Business 101: Make a goal, pursue it, don’t stop until you succeed. Make a goal that is big, make it loud, and you’ll be proud. Stop thinking small about how much money you want to make. Multiply your ideal money goal by 10 and that’s what it should be.


This is what many of you, business owners (or just anyone), have heard. And I’ve got to break it to you—it’s no good.

If your goal ends with you, it sucks. It needs to change. If the goal is for YOU to make X amount of money, then there’s something fundamentally flawed with your mission. If your goal is to be successful enough that people respect you…again…it’s wrong. Your goal should end with something bigger than yourself, because after all, you, by your lonesome, are pretty small. Your goal should be about others.

One of the issues with our goals is that we’re trying to quantify the wrong things. i.e. number of employees, amount of products sold, units delivered, customer base, etc. What if we made goals that were more difficult to quantify? Meaning, they had less to do with numbers and more to do with the quality of life we are helping others create and sustain.

Even if you reach your goal that has a number attached to it, once you reach it, you could find yourself disappointed, because as time went on, your goal probably grew to something bigger, therefore you would NEVER reach your goal.

But if your goal is to serve people and better their living situation, isn’t that a goal you can reach today? Isn’t that a goal you can reach everyday? Isn’t that a goal we SHOULD reach everyday?

Make a goal that is bigger than yourself and is difficult to quantify, because people are more important than numbers.

Do you remember why you started your business? Was it because you saw an opportunity to capitalize, or because you saw a need and wanted to serve?

Our motives will determine what kind of leader we become. As the one leading the charge, our objective HAS to be to serve our customers and our team. If that isn't at the forefront of our minds, we are only attempting to create an empire which is subject to our desires; with one purpose in mind—to please ourselves.

This selfish behavior leads only to destruction. Your business may thrive financially, but will it ever be what it was meant to be—something that truly benefits the world around you?

Let's keep the real bottom line in check—our hearts.


Joel Widman


Anderson The Fish

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